One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

About This Show

January 26 - 28 and February 2 - 4 at 7:00pm; January 29 and February 5 at 2:00pm at Andria Theatre


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Winter Show

Mental health hospital patient Randle McMurphy leads a revolt against Nurse Ratched in this stage adaptation of the Ken Kesey novel.

Join us for a talk back: Friday January 27 and Friday February 3.

The talkback is a chance to discuss the play with the actors, the director and sometimes the playwright. It can connect the venue to its audience, deepen understanding of the work, and make the audience feel more like a participant and not merely an observer. Theater is a social business and talkbacks are a useful way to engage audiences and deepen their experience. It can be useful for people sorting out what they’ve just seen, how they feel about it and why.

The subject matter of mental health institutions and treatments addressed in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is one reason for this production’s talkback. Psychologist Carolyn Giannone will be on hand as a moderator for discussions. Topics of conversation will include the actors’ processes for portraying their characters, the role of mental health care and stigma, and the true meaning of power, control, and freedom. The cast, some crew members, and the director will also be on hand to field questions.

Cast & Crew

Chuck Grussing                   Chief Bromden

Mike Ryan                             Dale Harding

Kevin Benias                         Billy Bibbit

Bruce McKirdy                    Scanlon

Mike Ardito                           Cheswick

Nick Segaar                            Martini

Brian Fleming                        Ruckley

Randy Martin                        Randle P McMurray

Rick Dusterhoft                    Aide Warren

Tim Evans                             Aide Willams

Pete Woit                               Dr. Spivey

Sharon Thalmann               Nurse Ratched

Sandy Susag                         Nurse Flinn

Aide Turkle                           Larry Shjerve

Brooklynn Bruner               Candy Starr

Janice Larson                      Sandy

Ann C Hermes                  Director

Heather Hjelle                 Assistant Director

Greg Bohl                          Set Designer/Construction

Maryn Cabinaw                Light Design/Technician

Greg Raether                    Sound Design/Technician

Janice Larson                   Costumes

Tanya Hammer                Hair/Make up

Colton LaSota                   Video Producer

Scott Keehn                      Video Producer Assistant