Disney’s Finding Nemo Jr.

About This Show

June 19 - 21 & 26 -28 at 7:00pm and June 22 & 29 at 2:00pm at Andria Theatre


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Bethany On The Lake

Bethany on the Lake

Marlin, an anxious and overprotective clownfish, lives in the Great Barrier Reef with his kid Nemo, who longs to explore the world beyond their anemone home.


June 19 - 21 & 26 -28 at 7:00pm and June 22 & 29 at 2:00pm at Andria Theatre

Dates & Times

Cast & Crew

Nemo- Claire Mansker

Marlin- PJ Vanderheiden

Dory- Addison Scott

Coral, Vacationer- Evelyn Eigen

Pearl- Hazel Larson

Sheldon- Lincoln VanLiere

Tad- Anna Bienias

Professor Ray, Ensemble- Brayden Zollner

Bruce- Jonas Larson

Chum- Finley Paulson

Anchor- Luke Hodges

Bubbles- Ronni Popp

Bloat- Housten Esterline

Gurgle- Eden Hanson

Peach- Ashley Schoenebeck

Gill- Brynne Denny

Nigel, Ensemble- Addison Larson

Crush- Carson Sebasky

Squirt- Charlee Sinning

Octopus #1, Ensemble- Summer Skillings

Octopus #2, Ensemble- Jillian Sjoman

Electric Eel #1, Ensemble- Colton Richards

Electric Eel #2, Ensemble- Kate Rauk

Seahorse #1, Ensemble- Paisley Beckius

Seahorse #2, Ensemble- June Hagstrom

Barracuda, Vacationer, Ensemble- Eian Bienias

Shark Chorus, Ensemble- Madeline Guanella

Shark Chorus, Ensemble- Ella Downing

Shark Chorus, Ensemble- Azryn Welch

Sea Turtle Kids, Moonfish, Ensemble- Joni Vanderheiden

Sea Turtle Kids, Moonfish, Ensemble- Jonah Monette

Sea Turtle Kids, Moonfish, Ensemble- Kennedy Stern

Lobster #1, Moonfish, Ensemble- Kennedi Hay

Lobster #2, Moonfish, Ensemble- Allie Johnson

Grouper, Moonfish, Ensemble- Aubrey Taylor

Kai, Sea Turtle #1, Ensemble- Samara Price

Breeze, Sea Turtle #2, Ensemble- Grace Magnuson

Scuba Mask, Vacationer, Ensemble- Brooklyn Bohl

Sheldon’s Parent, Vacationer, Ensemble- Makenna Thoennes

Pearl’s Parent, Vacationer, Ensemble- Annabel Toussaints

Tad’s Parent, Vacationer, Ensemble- Finlee Monette

Director- David Christman