Big, The Musical

About This Show

February 1 - 3 & 8 - 10, 7pm; Sundays 4 & 11, 2pm at Andria Theatre

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Realty Group Shawn Reilly

Winter Show

The story of twelve-year-old Josh, who is totally sick of being a kid. Josh encounters a very strange “Zoltar” machine that claims to grant wishes. Since he’s got nothing to lose, Josh wishes to be “BIG”. When he awakes the next morning, he finds himself in the body of a 25-year-old man. With the aid of his best friend Billy, Josh must cope with his new adulthood and help others remember their childhood.

Cast & Crew

Abby         Faber                 Abigail

Brady        Haabala            Billy Kopecki

Brayden    Zollner               Ensemble

Brianna     Varnum             Mrs. Baskin

Brooklynn  Bruner             Susan Lawerence

Dina          Shea                   Ensemble

Eian           Bienias               Derek

Elisa Mae  Runge                Ensemble

Finley         Paulsen              Ensemble

Isabella     Wilson                Ensemble

Jonah        Monette             Ensemble

Jonas        Larson                Ensemble

Jordan       Van Scoik          Zoltar

Kami          Schefers             Ensemble

Laurie        Runge                Miss Watson

Lucien       Cravens             George MacMillian

Lucy          Gustafson          Cynthia Benson

Lucy          Bertram              Ensemble

Luke          Hodges              Young Josh Baskin

Nick           Zabroski             Ensemble

Nicole       Warner               Ensemble

Olivia         Maday               Diane

Patrick       Sieve                  Josh Baskin

Ronni Grey Popp                Ensemble

Samuel      Paradee            Paul Seymour

Donna Magnuson – Director

Ruth Blom – Music Director

Nicole Warner – Choreographer 

Greg Bohl – Set Design and Construction

Maryn Cabinaw – Lighting design and Tech

Tami Johnson – Constume Design and Construction

Stacy Denny – Hair and Makeup

Hilary Ninman – Props

Ailee Vaelazquez – Stage Manager

Kathryn Tomoson – Assistant Director

Greg Raether – Sound design 

Holly Wallerich – Projections

Noah Larson – Video Producer