New You In The New Year…..What a Collaboration!

Our next door neighbor downtown came in the other day and was a little blue. Not in color mind you, but just a bit down. This is not the normal state for Jen. She was looking for someone to collaborate with for the holidays. When she shared that goal with us it was like hearing “Mush” to a bunch of huskies! The creative juices started flowing and we were off.

We pulled in some co-collaborators and have come up with a gift basket worth $460 for one lucky person! There are gift certificates for hair services and a laser hair removal service from Art and Soul; the lucky winner will also receive two mini-passes for the three remaining main stage shows of the 2018-2019 season; there’s a month’s membership at Vital Fitness; and finally a gift certificate for the soon-to-open Willy T’s restaurant at the Holiday Inn.


You can enter the contest to win the basket by contributing any amount to Andria Theatre through Dec. 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. All donors from the month of December will be entered. Good Luck!


Three Groups of People Who Gave To The Max

During this week of thanks-giving, please know how very humbled and grateful we are for you and your support..png

How appropriate that Thanksgiving comes the week after Give To The Max Day! There is much to be thankful for at Andria Theatre.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

We are grateful for the sponsors of the different hours: Art & Soul Hair Design, Downtown Plaza Liquor, Senior Perspective, Empower Boxing, Klick Foundation, ProAg/Country Store, Inspire Nutrition, TnT Tattoos, Spa Nala, Eddie’s Pet Supply, Carlos Creek Winery, AMS Digital Productions, Bina Services Corp, and Escape Room.

Thank You To Our Participants

We are thankful for the people who helped entertain and educate during the 24 hours: Philip Goellner, Chuck Grussing, Jim Arvidson, Viola Riggies, Ben Eckhoff, Nancy Haack, Shannon Berns, Barb Grover, Brittany Johnson, Jen Kulzer, Becky Byrne, Hailee Gibson, Steve and Jackie Henning, Bonnie Bina, Matthew Jensen, Lindsay Auran, and many other faithful actors and volunteers who appeared during the telethon. And thank you for the support we received online with comments, likes, shares, etc. You all helped get the word out.

Thank You, Especially, To Our Donors

We can’t thank the donors enough for the 106 donations that made this the most amazing GTTM Day yet for the theatre! Your contributions met challenges that caused Jake get his legs waxed, both Jake and Dave get their infamous tattoos: “All the world’s a stage...”, and by final count will send Ann, Becky, Holly, and Kristi off to get tattoos of their own. Pictures (and perhaps video) will be posted on Facebook.

Dave and Marsha Campbell generously gave a large matching gift. A total of over $14,500 was raised for the new marquee project and over $500 to purchase a new video camera. These are all agents-of-change gifts! You are all people who promote and enable change to happen at Andria Theatre. Thank you!!

During this week of thanks-giving, please know how very humbled and grateful we are for you and your support.

Many blessings to you and your loved ones!